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Hi there.
Is this a comercial certificate we're talking about or a self generated one 
(Like a CA in your AD)? If it's a self generated one, I have seen problems with 
computers not belonging to the domain (ie the certificate isn't from a 'trusted 
ca'). Sometimes I've seen delays of up to a couple of minutes connecting.... If 
you let these users have access to the certificate so they can install it on 
their computers in the 'trusted root certificate store' the problem goes away. 
I hope this is what you're experiencing.

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        Wondered if anyone had some insight here....
        Have forced SSL with OWA on our Exchange 2000 server. At least 90% of 
folks are having no problems, but there are some users who are having issues 
where is locks up or they get a page cannot be displayed. They are using IE 6 
with or without SP1 in these cases and have the 128 bit encryption on it. When 
I took off forcing of SSL and let them connect w/o it, there are no problems.
        Am I missing something in the settings here?
        Thanks in advance...
        LeeAnn S
        Network Admin
        Wtn SD
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