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Is it actually you who is doing this setup or your friend? It looks to as if you're the one doing this setup. Anyway, the first answer to your question is NO. You shd be able to use FBA on the Backend server.
Secondly, you shd be able to apply SSL certificate to the Backend server.

On 3/31/06, Chris Wall <Chris.Wall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Have a friend running Exchange 2003 for his organization.  He has only one backend server that he is also using for OWA access.

My question, since he is not running a Front-End/Back-End configuration, he is not going to be able to use 'Forms Based Authentication ', correct?

Also, if he is unable to purchase another server to act as a Front-End server, can he apply an SSL certificate to the OWA site on his single Backend Server for security?

He is trying to deploy Mobile Devices with his current setup, and my experience is that you can not support Windows Mobile Devices without an SSL cert. on the server, but that is a side point. 

Sorry for such ' simple' questions as I have never worked in a Single server exchange 2003 environment and I obviously need to brush up on the limitations of that type of deployment.  I look forward to your responses.


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