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Dunno whether you tried these?? 


·       Symptom
·       500 Internal Server Error
·       Possible Causes and Resolutions
·       The user's browser (such as Internet Explorer 6) supports Kerberos
authentication , and the difference in clock settings between the client
computer and the Exchange server is greater than five minutes. Try
synchronizing the time between the two computers.
·       This error may occur if your Exchange server is unable to contact an
Active Directory server. The most common case is that of a front-end server
in a perimeter network (also known as DMZ, demilitarized zone, and screened
subnet) on which the appropriate ports are not opened on the internal
firewall to allow the front-end server to contact Active Directory.
·       The front-end server is not in one of your configured network
subnets, which typically occurs after moving a front-end server into a
perimeter network and then not configuring the perimeter network subnet in
Active Directory Sites and Services. To configure the subnet in question,
use the Active Directory Sites and Services Microsoft Management Console
(MMC) snap-in.
·       Any time authentication in general fails in IIS. For more
information, see "How to Determine if Exchange or IIS Causes the Error"
later in this paper. If following the steps in that section does not resolve
the problem, you are likely seeing an IIS authentication failure. Verify
that IIS can contact at least one domain controller.
·       If you receive this error when attempting to run an application,
such as an .asp file, in an Exchange virtual directory, it may be because
you have not enabled application protection. For more information, see
"Verify Virtual Server and Directory Permissions in IIS" later in this
·       If the 500 error is returned only for requests with XML bodies (such
as a SEARCH request from Internet Explorer 6.0), and not returned for HTTP
requests such as GETs and POSTs, check the version of msxml.dll on the
Exchange server; compare it to the version on a working server, or download
the most recent version from the Microsoft Download Center at
·       Ensure that the TEMP and TMP system environment variables point to a
directory that does not contain more than a few hundred files and that
resides on a disk drive containing at least 500 megabytes of free space.
To check the value of these variables
1.      Log on to the server as an Administrator.
2.      Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
3.      On the Advanced tab, click Environment Variables.
4.      In the System Variables list, check for the TEMP and TMP settings.
Note   If you change the variables, the changes will not take effect until
you restart the computer.

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After logging onto OWA I am getting the error message 'HTTP/1.1 500 Internal
Server Error'


I appear to be logging  on to the server, because the left side of the OWA
screen shows my inbox, contacts, etc.
The large right window displays the error-  HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server
Error and I am unable to view mail items or contacts, but the calendar view
is working.
This error occurs when logging on from internal as well as external clients.

My clients are win2k and win98 using assorted versions of IE.
I do not have friendly IE error messages turned on.
Browsing locally on the box fails with the same error.

My server is a front-end Exchange 2000 sp2 box that relays incoming/outgoing
mail and supports SSL connections to OWA.
I am using the IIS lockdown tool.

The box is on the inside of a firewall only allowing port 25 and 443
connections to the server.
ftp, telnet, etc services are disabled.  wwwpub and the proper exchange
services appear to be running.

There have been no recent changes to the server (this was working last
The server has been stable.
neither event logs or iis logs are being particularly enlightening

This error is so general I am having trouble finding anything relevant on
Google Web or Groups.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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