RE: OWA password change (IISADMPWD\achg.htr problems)

  • From: "Alfonso Lopez de Ayala" <alopezdeayala@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'[ExchangeList]'" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 09:15:59 -0700

Ok. this may make it easier: problem occurs only ONLY from OWA. can
change password fine if going directly yo the IISADMPWD page.


Details: I can change the password fine when accessing
https:\\server\iisadmpwd\aexp2b.htr (it says "Password successfully
changed"), but not when accessing it thru the OWA "Change password"
button (it just doesn't do anything, blank error).  Any clue as to what
the problem may be?  I'm guessing it's authentication related.


I'm so lost! Help! :(









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Ok. this is a deep-in-the-mud one (for experts/hackers).


OWA password change doesn't work... everything goes fine. in OWA you
click "Change Password" and a new small browser window pops up
(aexp2b.htr), asking for domain, account, old password, and new password
. then when you click OK it goes to a new page (achg.htr) that just says
"Back to https://servername/excahnge/username/?Cmd=close";... Then I
check and the password is NOT changed. looking into the achg.htr script
file I realize it's not giving me any of the three errors contemplated
there (invalid domain, account doesn't exist, or password complexity not
met). I modified the .htr file as follows and I know now that it's
giving me back an error, but I don't know what it can't be (there's no
"RPCStatusString" returned). then I realize that when I click "Cancel"
rather than "OK" in the password change window (aexp2b.htr) it gives me
the same error. something goes wrong in the processing of achg.htr but I
can't tell what it is. any clue what it can be?  (rights/permissions?)


achg.htr file in IISADMPWD folder:


<%label error%>

<!-- Need to hardcode these error codes because the error messages for

are wrong


<%if rpcstatus EQ 53%>

The specified domain is invalid.<p>

<%elif rpcstatus EQ 1355%>

The specified domain or account did not exist.<p>

<%elif rpcstatus EQ 2245%>

Either the password is too short or password uniqueness restrictions
have not been met.<p>


UNSPECIFIED ERROR      <-- I added this line and can see it after I
click OK or Cancel in aexp2b.htr




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