OWA password change (IISADMPWD\achg.htr problems)

  • From: "Alfonso Lopez de Ayala" <alopezdeayala@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'[ExchangeList]'" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 08:44:16 -0700

Ok. this is a deep-in-the-mud one (for experts/hackers).


OWA password change doesn't work... everything goes fine. in OWA you
click "Change Password" and a new small browser window pops up
(aexp2b.htr), asking for domain, account, old password, and new password
. then when you click OK it goes to a new page (achg.htr) that just says
"Back to https://servername/excahnge/username/?Cmd=close";... Then I
check and the password is NOT changed. looking into the achg.htr script
file I realize it's not giving me any of the three errors contemplated
there (invalid domain, account doesn't exist, or password complexity not
met). I modified the .htr file as follows and I know now that it's
giving me back an error, but I don't know what it can't be (there's no
"RPCStatusString" returned). then I realize that when I click "Cancel"
rather than "OK" in the password change window (aexp2b.htr) it gives me
the same error. something goes wrong in the processing of achg.htr but I
can't tell what it is. any clue what it can be?  (rights/permissions?)


achg.htr file in IISADMPWD folder:


<%label error%>

<!-- Need to hardcode these error codes because the error messages for

are wrong


<%if rpcstatus EQ 53%>

The specified domain is invalid.<p>

<%elif rpcstatus EQ 1355%>

The specified domain or account did not exist.<p>

<%elif rpcstatus EQ 2245%>

Either the password is too short or password uniqueness restrictions
have not been met.<p>


UNSPECIFIED ERROR      <-- I added this line and can see it after I
click OK or Cancel in aexp2b.htr




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