OWA over SSL fails

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  • Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2005 15:23:04 -0700

I have an Exchange 2003 server set to provide OWA over SSL. However, clients
fail when they try to use SSL. (We also have some problems with our
certificates. In trying to resolve this, I believe we may have goofed
something up.) 
Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this?
- Default website: 
   - "Require Secure Channel" is checked
   - Anonymous access is enabled
- Exchange website:
   - "Require Secure Channel" is checked
   - Anonymous access is disabled
- router: 443 is open to Internet
From inside:
- Going to  <http://webmail.company.com/exchange>
http://webmail.company.com/exchange gives error: "HTTP Error 403.4 -
Forbidden: SSL is required to view this resource.
Internet Information Services (IIS)"
- Going to https <https://webmail.company.com/exchange>
://webmail.company.com/exchange gives: "The page cannot be displayed"
- nslookup points correctly to the IP address
- If "Require Secure Channel" is disabled, one can successfully access the
page via straight http.
From outside:
- nslookup is correct
- https fails similarly (http is blocked at router)
-- Noah

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