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  • Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 16:29:58 +0200 move mailbox's from 5.5 to 2000 you have to install
  and config adc (the one that came in the exchange cd not the win 2000 )
  and after you replicate the users you can move the mailbox (user --> all
exchange tasks)
2.about the login to owa , look at log files (winnt/system32/logfiles) try
to see
  what is going , and try to connect in that format : when prompt
  for user/pass write the user :<domain>/user if it works than
  the iis it trying to rezolve the users localy....


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Here is the situation, I installed Exchange several times in the last month
trying to get a proper build.  I finally think I have a good build.  I have
two DC's running AD already (populated with about 30 users).  On the network
I have several servers, but most importantly an Exchange 5.5 Server named
"QUASAR".  The server I installed Exchange 2000 on is "BALTEXCH01".

First of all, when I followed the instructions by MS, and by "QUE"'s book to
migrate users, there is no "Move Mailbox" option, how in the world do I copy
all the Mailbox store off of 5.5 onto 2000?!?

Secondly, I can login to the server using IMAP fine, but when I attempt to
login to HTTP, I get the login prompt three times, I enter a password I know
is good, and then I still continue to receive "HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized"
errors.  Is there some configuration I am missing?

The previous build I installed, and then I could not login to the server,
but I could reach the public folders.  Then I let it sit about a week
without touching it, and out of nowhere, I could login fine (I'm assuming I
forgot to replicate), are my problems maybe something very similar?

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