[ExchangeList] Re: OWA and linux firewall

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  • Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2007 19:21:41 +0800

I am not sure what you saying exactly but I think you are looking for RPC
over HTTP configuration. 

For you firewall you will only need to open 80/443 ports. The server address
you have to key in is for the RPC use after passing the HTTP-RPC proxy.


Here, read all this before you start anything. 

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I need little help with my situation I have running exchange 2003 on
internal server connecting to the Internet through linux firewall. With no
problem I can access web interface (by https://.../exchange in browser) and
there is a need to be able access it directly from outlook. problem is setup
iptables on the firewall to be able access it. Also I'm not shure about
configuration in outlook where is asking for server address because there
cannot be address like I mentioned before but only direct lover level domain
without anything after highiest lever domain identifier (means cannot be
like https:// ... .org/ exchange/)

thnks a lot for help

Peter Valachovic

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