Re: OWA and changing the user password

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apply exchange service pack coz most of the changes done on  on DC's get reapplied after the service pack is applied

 >From: "KEN MORRIS"

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>To: "[ExchangeList]"
>Subject: [exchangelist] OWA and changing the user password
>Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 16:04:49 -0500
>I am looking for a solution to the problem of users not being able to
>change their passwords via OWA. When you go to options and request the
>change of password, the user cannot connect to the proper server. The
>configuration is set that the E2K is installed with a server that is
>running AD and DNS, this is not our initial Domain Controller set up in
>the system, it is the second. It seems that there may be a communication
>problem between the E2K server and the initial DC that was set. This has
>only recently started and may have been caused when the primary DC AD
>replication time was changed from once per hr to 4 times per hr. (I was
>on vacation when this decision was made, I would not have allowed it to
>happen!). Since that point I can replicate the domain from the PDC to
>the other DC but not the reverse. This was working before I left on
>I am fairly certain this is the cause, but now am in dire need of a
>Any suggestions are welcome.
>Thank you
>Ken Morris
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