OWA and SSL woes

  • From: "Jason Merrique" <j.merrique@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 10:44:02 -0000

Hi Chaps,

I'm having difficulty setting up forms based authentication with OWA.

Windows 2003 Server
Exchange 2003 Server
Server in question is the Root CA, and I created a new web server
certificate specifically for OWA.

I've gone through the whole process of setting this up (assign
certificate, enable form based authentication etc etc), and it appeared
to be working fine. From our domain I got the log on screen, and was
able to log in perfectly over SSL. The problem is with access from
outside our LAN/Domain. 

I get a "This page must be viewed over a secure channel" message when I
open http://<OWAserver>/exchange, as expected, but then when I go to
https://<OWAserver>/exchange/ a "Page cannot be displayed" error is
returned. Now this occurs only if I try to gain access from outside the
LAN, so my initial thought was that port 443 was being blocked, but I
have been assured by the person responsible for the firewall that this
isn't the case. I can't do anything other than take his word for this
unfortunately. So the only other issue I can think of is the server

So my actual question is: Is what I described above symptomatic of a bad
certificate? My knowledge of certificates isn't very extensive. Is it
possible that the certificate would work on the LAN, but not from
outside it? Is there a way I can confirm myself that 443 is open? Does
this setup require ports other than 443 and 80 to be open?

Thank you in advanced,


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