OWA access on 2000

  • From: "Michael Michael" <mikechange@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 10:11:17 +0100

Hi All,
Intsall owa on 5.5 with nt4 server and iis 4 - no porblems. Am now working on a project looking at the vulnerabilities on on exchange 2000.

All documentation seems to be fairly straight forward and can setup and configure it on one exchange 2000 server without any problems. Have now set it up on a front end / back end configuration and all I see are the two mailbox's ( one for SA and local admin.) All documentation I have read has implied that you disable OWA on the back-end server and the front end server acts as a proxy for the back end server where the mailbox's are stored.

I am getting a http 501 error message coming up. Anybody that has set this config up - your help would be greatly appreciated.

Steps I took:
Installed IIS 4
Installed exchange 2000 under the same site, diff. server.
Used the default setup for the website.

No standard web page coming up only the two mailbox's underlined. When I double click on them it brings up the authentication screen but then gives me the http error.

Your Help would be a god send - am running low on ideas on what next to do. Not much on Technet or the web.


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