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Hello there,

Assuming that u have installed SP6 for NT4 & SP4 for MSExch.Svr. & the
IIS, I think all you need is to run the setup for ADD/Remove facility of
MSExchng. while the CD is on the drive!. There you have to select OWA as
an optional item - if not taken when MSES is originally installed.

Correct me if I am wrong in doing this or explaining the same!

best regds.

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Subject: [exchangelist] Re: OWA Setup
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a pleasant day to all of you...

i am running NT 4 server with exchange server 5.5.

i just want to ask How To Setup OWA on IIS?

is it a problem if I intall first the exchange server
5.5 + OWA module before I install IIS? because thats
what I did.

your help is very much appreciated... i am just new to

Thank You Very Much JGuevarra

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