[ExchangeList] Re: OWA Renders Square images Exchange 2003/2007

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  • Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 15:24:43 -0500

Yes Blue borders issue. Had several users report it last week couple times (Send Screenshots) and then goes away right when I removed a server out the pool. I’m testing each CAS box individually for now taking one out of the pool to see if it’s a particular box. It seems to be intermittent as I can log into a test 2003 MB directly to the BE and on each CAS box without issues. So far no issue with CAS1 box in NLB pool by itself so now I’m testing just CAS2 box this week. All goes well I will put both boxes back in the pool; maybe a fluke hopefully. There hasn’t been any Exch 07 hotfixes released yet prior to SP1 correct?







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What do you mean by “square images?” 


I’ve seen an issue where OWA renders icons with a blue border around them and the page never fully loads.  I’ve seen this on E2k3 but not on E2k7 yet.


Does OWA work correctly when you logon to the E2k3 backend servers directly?


If not, try these steps: http://info.izzy.org/Technical/Lists/Issues%20%20Tips/DispForm.aspx?ID=1 on your E2k3 box.  See the KB article for more details on resetting the default VDs for Exchange 1st.



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Getting intermittent reports of Exchange 2003 users getting the square images issue, comes and goes. We have replaced our FE with 2007 CAS boxes few weeks ago.  I know patch levels with FE and BE always had to be the same or FE higher, but wondering if there’s been any reported issues with 2007 CAS rendering OWA for 2003 MBs.  Thanks.


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