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Weird, don't think theres any other restriction beside domain account
logon restrictions. Is it possible theres some other application that's
just blocking access to the box during those hours? What I would try is
when you get home try to telnet into your owa server on port 80. Also
just for grins if you have have vpn access from home, log into your
network during these hours, remote into exchange box and try getting
into webmail via hostname\exchange. See if you get anywhere. Also try
this on your owa frontend server if you have one. Try to find out at
which tier its breaking.    

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Dear all,

I have MS Exchange 2003 running on Windows 2003.

My problem is, when I log into OWA around 9PM to 5AM or so (basically

time) I get a broken link. 

I believe who set this Exchange 2003 OWA before me, set some kind of
restriction using OWA from time to time. (I checkd the login time
restriction from AD and there was no login time restriction)

Because OWA works during business hours.

Anyone seen this kind of problem?

Thanks in advanced.


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