OWA 5.5 calendar entries

  • From: Christian.Schramm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 16:28:12 +0100

Dear Exchange-Experts,

First time posting on this list and maybe a more clients specific problem i
have here. The symptoms:

(1) Users have appointments in Outlook, but don't see them in OWA 5.5
calendar (IE 6 SP 1)
(2) Company has Public Folders with appointments of sales employees. They
are viewable in outlook, but not in OWA
(3) The same Public Folders as in (2) shows the appointments of the
individual logged in user. These should be normally shown in normal
calendar, but are not (s. (1))

What I have done:

- Logged on with a test account on the exchange 5.5 server via outlook and
- Put new dates in my calendar and verified they are viewable in OWA (ok)
- Tried to view the public folder (sales appointments) with outlook (ok)
- Tried to view the public folder (sales appointments) with OWA (not ok,
instead I saw my private dates)

What is wrong here? Is it possible to view calendar typed public folder`s
items with OWA 5.5? What permission / taks do I have to perform in order to
get this feature to work? Where can I find logs / events to debug the

Any comments are welcome...

Thank you in advance.


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