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  • Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 10:23:31 -0500

Not sure how you have your users logging in (as there are a couple of
different ways).

If you have your users log into OWA by providing their email address as
their username, you may want to verify (in AD) that their 'User Logon
Name' (on the Account tab) is identical to their primary SMTP address.
If not, they may be entering the wrong username to login.  
If you have changed their Primary SMTP address since the account was
created, just change the User Logon name and domain to match their new
primary.  MAKE SURE that you do NOT change the Pre-Windows 2000 login

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no they can not access owa from work 

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Did you have them try to access OWA  from work?  If they can, then you
know there is something wrong with their PC.



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Subject: [ExchangeList] OWA 2003 issue


Hi Guys,


Windows 2003 sp2 domain, Exchange 2003 FE /BE. I have a user who can not
log in thru OWA from home. I have had a lookat his exhange features and
OWA is enable.  We keep getting 

You could not be logged on to Outlook Web Access. Make sure your
domain\user name and password are correct, and then try again.


OWA works ok for othe users 


Any suggestions would be appreciated.





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