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  • Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 11:15:16 -0400

My thoughts exactly, but RPC/HTTPs is not available for all of our employees as 
the one group that needs this functionality can not utilize Outlook for RPC 
over Https...  They use a third party MAPI client that does not provide Public 
Folder access.
Oh well - so much for that feature...



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By design IIRC.  Outlook RPC/HTTPs is the way to go here.   :)


As to why MS did this, who knows.  Maybe this was actually the first hint of 
public folder "de-emphasis", as they so nicely put it with Exchange 2007.



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I have just now noticed that I can not move an e-mail from my inbox to a Public 
Folder in OWA 2003...


Why would Microsoft remove that feature?  


Is there a way around this?  I do not want to forward the message to a public 
folder SMTP address, rather I want my users to be able to select the message 
and Move/Copy it to a Public Folder.

Thanks for any info.


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