RE: OWA 2000 on a different IIS5 ?

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Scratch that last comment!

If I am picking you up correctly, you are trying to use OWA on the e2k server 
from elsewhere on the Internet.

The problem I see is that all HTTP requests that arrive at your router are 
being directed to the IIS5 web server on

To get http requests to be directed to the correct server you need to do one of 
the following:

Open port 81 on the router for example and map it back to the Exchange server.
You will also need to configure the web site on this server to listen for http 
requests on port 81 also. This means that you must reference the OWA server by 
specifying in the URL which port to use, so that it does not default to 80.


        Setup another Windows 2000 Server as a member Server of the domain, 
install MS ISA 2000 server on it and use ISA server to route http requests to 
the relevant server. The adde advantage here is that you have a second firewall 
and caching proxy server. Your three servers would reside behind the ISA 
server. This is admittedly a whole new ball game!

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Do anyone have a hint about this puzzle ???

This is the scenario.  Win 2000 network, 3 servers. 1 DC, 1 Exch2k, 1

There are only 4 ports open on the ADSL router( Requests
on port 21 is redirected to Requests on port 53 is
redirected to Requests on port 25 is redirected to 2kSP2) Requests on port 80 is redirected to

My question is: 

How do i make the Exchange 2000 SMTP virtual server on the
computer respond, when i logon from Internet Explorer on the
Webserver(, from Outside the local network ?

I have tried a lot of different tings. The puzzle seems to be, that the
virtual SMTP server runs perfectly on the Exchange2000
machine( But one cant just COPY the content from the IIS 5.0
snapin on the Exchange2000 server(, to the IIS 5.0 snapin on
the Webserver(

I have searched the internet for litteracy, describing just this scenario.
But i cant find anything on this specific scenario. Are there some
Exchange2K experts out there, who can solve this ??

Thanks in advance. 

Lars J. Denmark 

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