OWA 2000 on a different IIS5 ?

  • From: "Lars Juliussen" <Lars@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 11:48:44 -0700

Do anyone have a hint about this puzzle ???

This is the scenario.  Win 2000 network, 3 servers. 1 DC, 1 Exch2k, 1

There are only 4 ports open on the ADSL router(62.xxx.xxx.xxx). Requests
on port 21 is redirected to Requests on port 53 is
redirected to Requests on port 25 is redirected to 2kSP2) Requests on port 80 is redirected to

My question is: 

How do i make the Exchange 2000 SMTP virtual server on the
computer respond, when i logon from Internet Explorer on the
Webserver(, from Outside the local network ?

I have tried a lot of different tings. The puzzle seems to be, that the
virtual SMTP server runs perfectly on the Exchange2000
machine( But one cant just COPY the content from the IIS 5.0
snapin on the Exchange2000 server(, to the IIS 5.0 snapin on
the Webserver(

I have searched the internet for litteracy, describing just this scenario.
But i cant find anything on this specific scenario. Are there some
Exchange2K experts out there, who can solve this ??

Thanks in advance. 

Lars J. Denmark 

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