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Double check the settings in IIS, especially the IP address it's
listening to if OWA is sitting on the ISA box.  Otherwise follow the
troubleshooting steps in this white paper

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Hi All,

I need some help.  I am running Exchange 2000 SP2 through ISA.

Scenario:  We were using OWA quite successfully.  We changed DSL
Providers.  Obviously we changed IPs for our Router/Modem, our Web Site
and our email.  I reconfigured all the network stuff that was necessary
which was really only the ISA Servers External NIC IPs and the various
places where I had to change DNS IPs.  All of a sudden no one can access
their email externally through OWA.  If we use
HTTP://maildomain/exchange/userid which is what we always used it will
immediately respond with the logon window.  If we put username and
password in it then starts to open the site.... even shows on the bottom
of the browser that it is "Opening Page
HTTP://maildomain/exchange/userid/inbox/?Cmd=contents...";.  But it sits
there for a long time.....maybe a minute or two, then says "Done"... but
the only thing that is loaded is the little 3d Vertical Bar that
separates the Inbox from the left side Outlook Shortcut Bar.  You can
even move that Bar with the cursor...but nothing else loads.

We CAN use OWA if it is accessed within our network.  To make it even
MORE confusing, I have one stand-alone computer connected directly to
the Router/DSL Modem (Not through our Internal Network) .... and OWA
WILL work through it.

Worked before changing DSL providers... didn't change any relevant OWA it doesn't work.

Any thoughts or experiences?

Thanks in Advance,
Kelli Mariah Irwin

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