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  • Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 15:26:27 -0600

I've hit a wall with this one, so I hope someone can shed some light
on what I'm missing.

The layout
exhange organization;

Active directory 2003
abc.com (empty domain)
sub doamins: e.g

All 3 subdomains has its' own exchange server.

I've installed an owa server in the wa.abc.com domain, however I'm unable
to logon to the server via the web browser.

I'm able to bring up the login prompt but when I type [wa\username]
to log in the page gives the "check ip LAN settings page".

However, if I use the owa in the abc.com domain with the same login it
works fine. The reason I don't want to use the main domain is to reduce
the amount of traffic over the vpn link.

I'm able to access the site from within the office but not via the

Dns is as follows;
ISP is the master domain.
My dns is the secondary doamin.
I have two dns servers the front server is: e.g. able.com. 
The recipient policy for the (wa) domain uses the able.com.
The internal dns is dns1.wa.abc.com (Integrated dns)- this points to the
able.com dns for Internet resolutions.

I've also created a test web page on the owa1.wa.abc.com page which comes
up fine but when I browse to it on the Internet. (e.g. accessing the site
external to the office)

Any ideas are welcome, thanks in advance.

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