RE: OT: Reading archived PST files

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The only way to access a PST that I'm aware of is via the provided hooks.
Typically, this is the Outlook Object Model.  

You can write an app that would do this (scan a directory and for each file
and for each .PST found, attach to it, open it, get an index of all messages
and folders found, loop through each one to search for particular criteria
and report back if found).  Not terribly complex, but seems a little
inefficient.  A database of the information would be much more efficient.
Maybe a variation of crawling the PSTs and putting that information in a db
for later search and index would work too.

FWIW, this is what I'd term a "poor man's" retention/compliance solution.
It's not what you're intending it for, but it's common in that arena.  Tools
that do what you're asking for often are found in that domain (such as KVS).



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> Are you saying that you want to read it without Outlook profile 
> created,
> then searching on that message?  Basically, you want to read it 
> programattically for a message that meets a certain criteria and then 
> if matched, move the message to a mailbox?


> Can you give more information on what the overall goal is?  Is this 
> for
> sort of compliance effort maybe?

No, not for any compliance with laws/regulations.

Daily archive is made using Exmerge to PST files, which is then burned onto
CD. Management at client discovers/hears/sees a problem with an employee and
wants to investigate. Part of the investigation will be seeing if say in the
last 30 days that user has communicated with soandso or had soandso in the
subject line. Wants to avoid having to pull 30 days of archives into a
profile to search. Is there a way to search the PST files on the CD to see
if there are matches, and then if so indicate which day, and then that days
PST file can be imported into a Outlook profile to review the messages?
Could also be they receive a complaint from a customer of say order never
received, and search the archived PST files for the customer
name/number/whatever and if found, import that days PST file into Outlook.

John Tolmachoff
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