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Amy, your experience is not limited to SBS or ISA alone. Almost everyday
there is some one posting on the list simple basic questions
that is almost a requirement to know yet these people are out here playing
admin with no knowledge.


However, it is not even limited to MS. Some one came on a Sonicwall list
wanting cheat sheets and such on how to pass the CSSA exam so they could be
certified. The whole reason for certification is to show ones knowledge and


It is a sad testament to the IT field that all these ones who think "hey, I
can do that" without bothering to first get down off their high horse and
learn the basics.


What these people are expecting is like going out, buying a brand new car,
having Jose or Raj give me a couple of driving lessons, going to the DMV to
get the license, and start driving around time like they own the road. Oh
wait, they are already doing that too.


John Tolmachoff


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I don't have anywhere else for this, so sorry Tom but I've got to hijack for
minute. I don't think that I've ever done this before but since attending
the SBS Users Group Tour last night I've been in such a state that I didn't
sleep very well. I'm a member of the local group and we're generally a small
(30-ish) bunch of knowledgeable people but this event was different. What's
keeping me up at night? The sorry state of ISA knowledge among people
calling themselves small business consultants. I handed out all the business
cards I had after I scrawled my ISA blog address on the back of them to
these sorry souls. Unfortunately I didn't have very many with me. Imagine
their surprise when (gasp) a women came to them with the answers they were
looking for. All I got back was, ugh thanks. What kind of
self respecting consultant raises his hand in front of a crowd of 130 and
says I had so much trouble with my SBS install that I had to call business
down critical support to install it from the Action Pack?? Good God!!! The
whole purpose of the Action Pack is so you can learn the product not take up
the valuable time of Business Down Critical Support! Why didn't they hang up
on you? Then there was the guy that asked why Microsoft wasn't helping him
learn ISA and how there isn't any information available anywhere and the two
behind me that went on and on all night about how ISA is only good for
simple things and the ones in front of me that spent the night trashing the
product too. I was in ISA heck and it was killing me to have to sit there
quietly. When the presenters asked if there were any MVP's in the room,
there were none. There's a huge gap here that needs to be filled. These guys
are scaring me. If you run into any of them please send them over to my
blog. If it doesn't have what they are looking for have them contact me and
I'll get them what they need. I don't want to be sitting in the same room
with these kind of guys ever again.




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