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        The OST files are just like PST (personal folders)they are a file
that grows up as users save stuff to them, Do a search or find for *.ost
once you know the location,  using the control Panel "Mail" icon you can add
it to the profile.

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the OST file resides in the local machine, is not deleted when you delete 
the profile, you can setup outlook 2000 to use offline folder and point to 
the correct file, .ost extension.

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>Subject: [exchangelist] OST files
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>I have a user that was part of another domain and recently came into
>ours.  On the old domain, he used OST files.  When he came in, I added
>him to the domain and created a new email profile to the server.  Not
>knowing he had the OST files, I deleted the old profile.  Then come to
>find out he needs the info that was stored in the OST files.  He is
>running Outlook 2000.  Any suggestions on how to extract the data?
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