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Does OWA work without the second email address?


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Hello all,


   Here is a brain teaser for you...


   Our organization has multiple domains (ex. gk.com; gk.NL; gk.CO.UK;
gk.DK etc...) that we provide e-mail services for.  We are one
organization in one forest.


   Users in our default SMTP domain for OMA is gk.com.  When we create
users in other child domains, they are not given the default SMTP
address gk.com.  Since this does not match the default OMA address, they
can not use OMA services.


    If I assign a secondary SMTP address to their account with gk.com,
OMA works.  We do not want to do this however. 


My research shows the following:





neither of these seem to be a solution for us.  


   Anyone have any ideas?




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