Re: Not able to take backup.

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A. M. Salim wrote:


I am not able to take complete backup. When i try to take backup of
information store using ntbackup, its show success ful completion on tape
drive as qic. But when i try to restore, it only show three folders : log
files,mailboxes and public foldes. But nothing is there inside these
folders. It dosen't give any errors...during backup process it shows no of
files, size of those files and even in report its not giving any errors.

interesting, after seeing your email I checked and sure enough, my NTBackup shows the same way, i.e. the three folders are there but no files inside them!

Is there something missing in the way we are doing these backups?

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That sounds perfectly normal. But, really, don't believe me. Setup a test server and try restoring from the backup file. The way I understand it is we are backing up the databases not individual files so we really can't see the contents.I have done test restores of the database 6 or so times and the first time I checked it did throw me a little that there wasn't more information but the restore worked. I just double checked on my test server and verified my memory. Again, verify the backup and your restore procedure yourself on a test server.

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