[ExchangeList] Re: Not able to add a particular store in RSG.

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What is the error?


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Hello All,


We have windows 2003 SP1 with Exchange 2003 SP2 in our environment.


We have an issue here in adding a particular mailbox store in a recovery storage group since that particular mailbox store is not getting listed in the add database list . We are able to add rest of the mailbox stores in the same storage group in any other servers RSG in the same Administrative Group.


We have checked if this store has already been added to any other RSG. But it is not added to any other RSG.

We have compared the attributes of this store with the other stores which are not having this problem and found everything to the same as it should be.


Any help in this is appreciated, we have to do a restore for a VIP mailbox which unfortunately resideds in the store which is not getting listed in any of the RSG... :-(

Regards... Maha

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