RE: No access to shared calendar after migration

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What you're describing sounds about right, but to explain it we need a
little more information. 

For example, what was the migration method?  What's the forest/trust
topology?  What's the event logging showing during the attempts to get the
information?  What is the reason the user would ever use the legacy account
to access the new mailbox?

Keep in mind that permissions for folders is given to the Active Directory
object and not to the mailbox object.  

Have you already read about the multi-forest deployments at ?  There's a list in there of
things to watch for and that work differently.


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We've migrated from Exchange2000 (OldEX) to Exchange2003 (NewEX). OldEX sits
in an org belonging to our Win2K AD (OldAD) - NewEX sits in an org belonging
to our new Win2K3 AD (NewAD). (There's a trust in place between OldAD and

All the permissions to the mailboxes have migrated across as required.
This means that UserA can log on to his migrated account in NewEX using both
his OldAD and his NewAD account.
When UserA logs onto his mailbox using his OldAD account, he gets this
problem (i.e. he can only see other peoples calendars if they have granted
"default" "reviewer" access, even when UserA has been granted i.e.
If UserA logs on to his mailbox using his NewAD account - everything works

Thanks in advance!

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