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Can you check what version of .netframework you're using?



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I am working on the challenge below and would like any applicable input.


Environment - All Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Enterprise and Exchange
2003 Enterprise based systems. Clustered, active/passive, back end and a
single front end server. The cluster quorum is on a Snap Server 4400
utilizing the iSCSI protocol for connectivity. ***This is (was) a
working production system current on all service packs and all


Situation - The power supply in the Snap Server 4400 burned which in
turn took the cluster out of service because the quorum was no longer
available. The front end server was configured to be a 'standard'
Exchange mailbox server, meaning the 'This server part of a Front
End/etc." was unchecked. The administrative group was renamed that of
the former cluster and the private databases successfully restored from
tape. Email clients work, but OMA and Active Sync do not. I have checked
the certificate and also, reset the IIS virtual directories.


The Tricky Part - Not having the former cluster available so that mail
boxes could be appropriately moved was a problem. After the restore of
the private information store to the new server the mail boxes reflected
the CN of the cluster and one could not connect to them. I used ADSIedit
to change the CN and then MAPI and OWA clients could connect, but not
OMA/Active Sync.


Error from OMA/Active Sync -  A system error has occurred while
processing your request. Please try again. If the problem persists,
contact your administrator.





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