RE: No Exchange Server 5.5 Support after this year???

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If you're interested in trivia, Exchange 5.5 was first released in
November 1997.  :-)


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I don't blame them.
You can't support products forever. Windows 98 wasn't written with
security in mind (for example), as time goes on you learn from your
mistakes. Some programming mistakes can't be fixed without a rewrite
(IE: From Windows98/ME/2K merged into XP).
I am not experianced with Exchange 5.5 nor am I familiar with it's
release date, but it seems to me that it's getting somewhat old, since
2K and 2K03 is released, I would assume 5.5 was released around '98 or
The same applies for basically any software. Linux kernel, Samba, MS
Office, game servers, etc...
On the other hand, devils advocate, if a buisness were willing to pay
for that support (read: extended support) then I wouldn't be able to
udnerstand why they would cut support. Money is money, and I thought
that would be MS's goal (just as any buisness).
These are just opinions from a lowely 20'yr old young-an -- treat them
as you like :-)
Kenny Mann
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        From: Mark Hopkins [mailto:Mark.Hopkins@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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        Subject: No Exchange Server 5.5 Support after this year???
        In this article published today (Migrating from Exchange Server
5.5 to Exchange Server 2003) it is mentioned that M$ will no longer
support Exchange Server 5.5 after this year. Could that be true, even
when about 40% of the existing exchange servers are at version 5.5? This
number comes from an article I read yesterday in the 10-20-2003 issue of
eWEEK. I have no such problems, having already migrated from 5.5 to 2000
to 2003. However, I think I would really be upset if I were at 5.5 and
wanted (or had) to remain. M$ is really good at force-feeding us new
product, but after all, IT is their world!
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