News-Server with Exchange 2000

  • From: exlist@xxxxxxxxxx
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  • Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 02:12:53 -0600

Hi everybody,

I have just configured a Newsfeeder on my Exchange 2000. I added two
newsgroups which I am interested in. Nevertheless, the public folder
?internet newsgroups? shows me all groups. Beside there are no messages in
any of the groups.

Do I just have to wait longer or is there something wrong?

The Eventlog on my exchange box gives me the following messages:
?Der virtuelle Server 1 ist erfolgreich mit verbunden.
Ein Newsfeed kann daher initialisiert werden.?

Translation: ?The virtual Server 1 has successfully connected to Newsfeed can now be initialized?

Der virtuelle Server 1 hat den Feed an active von/nach
erfolgreich übertragen. Status: FAILURE.

Translation: ?The virtual server 1 has successfully transmitted an active
from/to Status: FAILURE?

These messages return every 10 minutes which is the interval I set in the

Any good ideas?


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