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It is also basic courtesy and nettiquete to not be so blantantly rude in
your comments.  I think for the sake of courtesy if you don't have
anything good to say then don't say anything at all, at least not in a
way that clutters up my inbox.  I, and I'm sure others, are getting
tired of weeding through countless posts that waste my valueable time.
Contact the person individually and not through the list if you have
something negative to say, otherwise I think it's best to keep it to
yourself and not humiliate publicly or waste anyones time regardless if
you think the original post was worth a reply or not.

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I don't think anyone is saying you have to be an expert, just for folks
to have a bit of courtesy. It is basic nettiquite to check for a FAQ and
search an archive for the answer to a question prior to a post. This
type of behavior will help in other groups as well preventing flames.
This list and newsgroups are not a helpdesk it is rude to think that
someone elses time is less valuable than your own. 

Maybe some hints on how to get/find good answers could be added to the
subscription info.


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