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1. You don't have to read the posts. If you have something constructive
to say or a desire to help, respond to the original post.
2. Anyone who posts, by default, opens themselves to criticism by
posting - whether that is fair or not is a whole other topic.
3. Several subscribers here are either slow learners, or are just plain
lazy and can't be bothered to search the archives. Hence I understand Mr
Tolmachoff's views.
4. One method of finding out the "basics" is to ask a basic question.
You will soon enough find out if this is the appropriate forum to ask
that question.
5. I noticed that none of the "whingers" offered to help Wayne - don't
know the answers? It is, on the other hand, good that one person just
got in and offered assistance.

Stephen Hartley
Brisbane, Australia

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It is also basic courtesy and nettiquete to not be so blantantly rude in
your comments.  I think for the sake of courtesy if you don't have
anything good to say then don't say anything at all, at least not in a
way that clutters up my inbox.  I, and I'm sure others, are getting
tired of weeding through countless posts that waste my valueable time.
Contact the person individually and not through the list if you have
something negative to say, otherwise I think it's best to keep it to
yourself and not humiliate publicly or waste anyones time regardless if
you think the original post was worth a reply or not.

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