[ExchangeList] Newbie just saying "Howdy"... :)

  • From: "Paul T. Laudenslager" <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 03:18:46 -0400

Dear ExchangeList Gurus!


I’m a new member so bear with me… J


I’m wasn’t for sure if the list was inactive or my emails were getting filtered… but it’s a pleasant surprise to see emails coming in from ExchangeList!


Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi to the folks on here and to say thanks for making this resource available.


I’m just finished up two Exchange tests today (from select2perform.com) for a possible new contract…  I told them I had Exchange 2007 experience and they ask me to take a few tests… Sure, why not…


Well, when I started taking it, I immediately realized that they were on Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003.  I’ve never used either one.  I used to use 5.5 back in the day and I’ve just setup two Exchange 2007 servers… but I skipped right over the 2000/2003 versions…  just my luck. L


There were 90 questions and you only had 3 minutes to answer each one so I was scramblin’ down to the last second on way toooo many of them!


Results:  87 percentile on the 2000 stuff and 81 percentile on the 2003 stuff.   I felt good about that…


I guess it’s past my bedtime because I’m beginning to ramble… I just wanted to say Hi to you fine people.


Thanks again and I’m sure that I’ll be getting to know you all…


Your friend in Virginia,

Paul L.


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