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Cool, currently in the midst of downloading SP1. The manual I'm using is
titled 'The Complete Reference' Exchange 2000 Server published by Osburne.
OK for someone on an intermediate level, but no good to a novice like
Really could use something dealing more with detailed procedures as I'm
trying to document the steps to:
1. perform a complete install
2. configure the necessary services, either POP or exchange???
3. Assign the proper permissions
yaddah yaddah yaddah...
In other words I'm a fresh new exchange puppy looking for my legs to stand

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Do install SP2... no reason not to in a clean AD domain.... it does fix
a bunch of things you may not want to troubleshoot individually later...
only problem you may have with SP2 is really if you need to
uninstall/reinstall.  What manual are you talking about?

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Exchange Newbie please be patient...

OK..I've just finished installing a fresh copy of Exchange 2000
server onto my newly created W2K AD domain. Now what?
I have SP1 & SP2, do I dare install them both or just SP1?
Are there any changes I need to make before I'm able to do anything.
This manual that I'm using is tad bit too advanced for me so any
is appreciated...

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