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  • From: John Matteson <john.matteson@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2014 07:35:46 -0500

Good morning to the list:


            I have an issue I'm trying to work through. The company I work
for recently migrated all users from an Exchange 2003 service into an
Exchange 2010. The migration included Public Folders.


            An external process sends mail addressed to a mail enabled
public folder. According to the customer, when everything was on Exchange
2003, the new messages going to the public folder showed up much quicker
than they do with Exchange 2010.


            There are two PF replications, the user that keeps complaining
is on the same server as one of the PF replicas. Testing reveals that
several messages will show up at the same time, anywhere from 10 minutes to
two hours after delivery. The received times on the messages is a minute or
less than the sent time on the external process, so the delay isn't there.


            PF replication is set to always (which means every 15 minutes).
My question really revolves around how can I get the messages to show up
more quickly in the Outlook client, once they are replicated? My testing
used Outlook 2010 on a terminal server, in NON-CACHED mode.


            Do I need to turn off Cached Mode on the user's profile, or is
there some other setting I can tweak?

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