New Server design

  • From: "Jason Holbrook" <jlholbrook@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 10:16:10 -0600

Hi All.  I have a fun question about designing a set of servers.  I am a
newly hired netadmin and the previous netadmin left me a bunch (12!)of
"servers" that are really PC's in 2U cases.  Each box is running just one
service for the most part (IE 1 SQL, 1 webserver, 1 FTP server, 1 PDC) and
is running in the 5% utilization range.  We have about 50 users and may
grow to 75 in the coming year.  My plan is to build a few real servers and
replace all the boxes.  This will mean I need to consolidate a bunch of
services in to a few boxes.  The exchange specific content is this:  I
want to make one box run all the "exterior" services.  The box will be
made with dual Xeon 2.8's (512k/533fsb), 4GB pc2700 ECC, 4 WD Raptors (36
GB SATA) in a raid 5 array (Intel SATA adaptor).  The services I would
like to group on this box are:  Exchange 2003, IIS running 2 web sites and
1 FTP site, Urchin web stats, and SQL for the web content.  We average
3500 hits a day on the web server and about 1000 hits a week on the FTP
server.  I plan to run windows 2003 server standard.  This will also be
behind a firewall.  The meat of the question is will these services
co-exist on this box without trouble.  Thanks for any thoughts or

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