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-------------------------------------------------------Exchange 2003 doesn't 
have any problem running under 32-bit Windows 2003 on
dual core x64 hardware. 

Of course, when time comes to upgrade it to Exchange 12, you're going to
have to blow away 32-bit Windows 2003 and start over.   Not the easiest of
upgrade solutions.


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I'm wondering if people that are on the list have some suggestions for me.
I'm in the process of buying a new Exchange Server we're currently running
Exchange 2003 and the hardware is getting old.  So, I would like to buy a
server but I want the server to be able to support the new Exchange software
when it comes out.  What would the suggestion be??  I'm looking at getting a
server that's a Dual Core with x64 bit but, I want to make sure that
2003 doesn't have an issue with this.


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