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  • Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 10:00:40 -0400

Mike Dufoe said... 

2000 but after this last outbreak from MS (RPC), my CEO's want me to find 
another product as they say they can't have down time like this and why should 
we pay thousands of $$$ for this ????
I am sorry to disagree with your CEO.  I do have some empathy for lay people 
that are affected by Blaster and others of the sort since they do not have the 
training (or they simply don't care) to realize the importance of upgrading and 
maintaining systems up-to-date.  However, I have much less empathy for 
SysAdmins that are suppose to know what they are doing.
The RPC bug is only another problem in a long list of problems that affect ANY 
OS.  Linux, UNIX and others do have problems and sometimes those problems 
remain unfixed for a long time of the SysAdmin do not upgrade their systems 
(recall the BIND bug).
I am not a MS fan per say.  I respect every OS the way it has to be respected.  
After years of development, Windows is finally (with 2000) a stable platform 
that deserves to be in the major leagues.  What makes the differences between 
Windows and other OSes is that Windows is more "democratic" so lots of 
"wannabe" SysAdmin try it thinking they can easily manage it. This is lack of 
respect and they eventually have to pay for it.
My point is that if you maintain your system up-to-date, manage the firewall 
properly and do administrative tasks (such as checking your antivirus), you 
will be able to avoid problems such as the ones caused by Blaster.  Of course, 
all systems have flaws that an intruder can get through (if it can be found).
In conclusion, my point is that it is easy to blame Windows and/or Microsoft.  
Before doing that, start thinking about what YOU could have done to prevent 
problems and, most of the time, you will realize that you made a mistake along 
the road.
If you switch product, you will realize that they also have their flaws.
Frederic Giroux

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