RE: Netware 5.0 with W2k?[Scanned]

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Hi Simon

We a web design company, hence most of the servers are web servers. We are
a fairly small company in terms of our number of employees, however yes
I suppose we are not a small enterprise.

Thanks for your comments although I had considered most of these. We do
allow our users unrestricted internet access. I will investigate this.

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> equal number of desktops ? You have 30 servers and 30 desktops
? Not a specific Exchange question but....

Are you running NetWare in IP  mode only ? The will be overheads in IPX
and SAP broadcasts if not. Are y
>u running NETBeui as well on the w/s.
Is everything (everything) fully patched up ? Which servers supply DHCP
info. Is DNS correctly configured and do the w/s resolve consistently ?
Is you virus scanning up to date, have your users got full internet
>access to download cr*p like adware etc etc ? have you got a sniffer program
that would tell you about your LAN traffic utilisation....could be a duff
NIC causing your problem.

These are all fairly obvious pointers. I successfully managed Netware an
> Windows 2000 together (and at the time preferred Novell due to its inherent
stability. However there is probably a good reason for you to convert purely
from a "standards" viewpoint. Since using W2K I have concluded that Netware
is excellent for a lar
>e company where NDS can be fully utilised  - 30 servers however is not
a small enterprise is it !!!

Simon Bound

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Good morning to all

I have just started working in a small company with about 30 servers and
an equal number of desktop machines (all running w2k p
>o). Currently we
have NDS on a Netware server and also active directory on Windows 2000 Server.
I suspect that this could be responsable for both a slow response time on
in accessing files and folders on the network shares and also for other
> occurences such as some machines not being viewable from some machines
and not from others.

I am considering converting the Netware Server to a w2k server and possibly
then switching to Native mode. Has anyone else been in a similar position
>his? Is this likely to solve the problems and slow response time on
the network? Anything to be aware of?

Any advise most appreciated.

Graeme Robertson

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