RE: Netware 5.0 with W2k?[Scanned]

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  • Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 13:41:19 -0000 equal number of desktops ? You have 30 servers and 30 desktops ? Not a 
specific Exchange question but....

Are you running NetWare in IP  mode only ? The will be overheads in IPX and SAP 
broadcasts if not. Are you running NETBeui as well on the w/s. 
Is everything (everything) fully patched up ? Which servers supply DHCP info. 
Is DNS correctly configured and do the w/s resolve consistently ?
Is you virus scanning up to date, have your users got full internet access to 
download cr*p like adware etc etc ? have you got a sniffer program that would 
tell you about your LAN traffic utilisation....could be a duff NIC causing your 

These are all fairly obvious pointers. I successfully managed Netware and 
Windows 2000 together (and at the time preferred Novell due to its inherent 
stability. However there is probably a good reason for you to convert purely 
from a "standards" viewpoint. Since using W2K I have concluded that Netware is 
excellent for a large company where NDS can be fully utilised  - 30 servers 
however is not a small enterprise is it !!!

Simon Bound

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Good morning to all

I have just started working in a small company with about 30 servers and
an equal number of desktop machines (all running w2k pro). Currently we
have NDS on a Netware server and also active directory on Windows 2000 Server.
I suspect that this could be responsable for both a slow response time on
in accessing files and folders on the network shares and also for other
strange occurences such as some machines not being viewable from some machines
and not from others.

I am considering converting the Netware Server to a w2k server and possibly
then switching to Native mode. Has anyone else been in a similar position
to this? Is this likely to solve the problems and slow response time on
the network? Anything to be aware of?

Any advise most appreciated.

Graeme Robertson       

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