Need some advice-Please-

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  • Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 22:48:54 -0700 (PDT)

dear all;
some one to help in this subject; please some one advice me.

mmmopo errer <hatem20072008@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
Dear All,

 We are Planing to Have One Forest, with Multiple Domains Trees as the 
following :-






and Each one of the abouve Domain have 25 users as the following :-

1. KTC.COM ( Have 25 Users ).

2. MUX.COM ( Have 25 Users).

3. TRU.COM ( Have 25 Users).

4. LON-UK.COM ( have 25 Users ).


So the Total Users will be 100 Users.

 i am going to install KTC.COM as the Forest Root Domain, & Install DNS server 
on one Machine and configure one Forward Zone with name of the Forest Root 
Doamin which is ( KTC.COM) and this DNS server is the Root ( .) .


and i found that its Working and the Forest Root is Working and the Domain 
Controller is Able to communicate with the Default DNS.


All of 100 users in the Same Network with this IP-Address Schema ( 192.168.1.X 
) / 24.


Now, i want to install the Domain ( MUX.COM) as New Domain Tree in the 
exsisting Forest  to share the same Exchange Box.


so what i did is :-

 1. Bring New Server.

2.Install Windows Advanced Server 2000 Enterprise edition.

3.Put this IP-Address & the DNS For this server will be the Same 
which is

4. Install the DNS on that Machine.

5.Run this Command ( DCPROMO).


Here is the Problem, i found that , while i am trying to install the domain, 
its display error message which is ( The Domain Controller for Domain KTC.COM, 
is Not available ).


so when i face this situation, i said to my self, this is because the Domain ( 
MUX) is unable to find the DNS and then unable to find the Domain Controller 
for KTC.


( Because the Role is , the Active Directory Clients - WinXP-PRO, Win Server, 
Win2000 Pro, Win98 ...ETC, should first ASK there DNS server to Get from him 
the Specifc Resource Recourd , and in this Case i was installed DNS on This 
Machine and i  made it as Root , which is Wronge ).


So what i did is :-

1.uninstall the DNS server from the Domain ( MUX.COM )

2.Create Forward Lookup Zone with this Name ( MUX.COM).

3. Configure the Server to register him self in the DNS of the Domain KTC.COM ( 
By Changing the IP-Address of the Preferd DNS server, to be the DNS server of 
the Domain KTC.COM , instead of MUX.COM ).

4. Run again  the DCPROMO Command .


then i found that its working Perfect. without any problem and the Trust 
Relation ship is created automatically and the Users in Both Domains are able 
to access each other .


 My Questions is :-


1. Can the DNS Host Multiple Domains like My Situation , or Not ?


2. is there any Problems i will face it in the Future from this Design , with 
One DNS Server and hosted Multiple Domains on it , and the clients for MUX , 
will recorde them self only in MUX.COM Forward Lookup Zone, and the users of 
KTC.COM, will register them self in the KTC.COM Forward Lookup Zone. , do you 
excepect any Problems in the Future ?


I tested it from The Clients which is they are register them self in The 
Forward Lookup Zone of the domain KTC.COM, by using the command NSLOOKUP, and i 
found that they are able to commnuicate with the DNS server & can see each 
other in this Forward Lookup Zone only  with the name of the Domain ( KTC.COM 
), while they are unable to see any Resource for the domain ( MUX.COM ) at all, 
and the same situation for MUX.COM, they are able only to see the Resouce in 
the Domain MUX.COM only and unable to see the Resource in KTC.COM.


so do you think i am correct , or not ? Please Help ?


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