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Assuming that the unix box is sending to only one recipient you could
setup an exchange user with a rule to autoforward any incoming mail to
the vendor account. The outgoing mail should then have the correct

Alternatively, if you have a spare valid net IP you could add an A
record for the unix box so that reverse DNS works. The box does not have
to be visible from the internet for this to work, only the nameserver.


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Say we have a customer whose domain name is, therefore all mail
coming from their domain is username@xxxxxxxxx  Within this customer's
they have a unix server in a sub-domain called .
became necessary to send mail from the unix server to a vendor outside
domain.  Therefore, we created a custom recepient with the outside
address and made it a member of a distribution list so the unix server
send the mail to a local email address, it would then go to the custom

The problem is that the vendor who receives the email put in place a
filter that looks at the header and tries to resolve back to .  When it doesn't, the spam software blocks the
mail.  Does anyone have any ideas around this.  Personally, I think it's
to the vendor's ISP to allow the mail as it is legitimate, but I'm
to listen to other ideas...


Paul Maglinger

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