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Your right the limit is 2 TB on fat 32, ( 2 to the 32nd power = 2TB:  
2147483648 ). The LUN was a RAW 2047GB vdisk off an HP EVA 8000 that I just 
implemented. I formated it using NTFS.  The EVA also has a 2047 GB limit per 
LUN that is carved. I was just curious why the OS only shows 1.9TB, as it 
appears that it is missing space. Or could it be the MFT reserving space?

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  Very odd. I do know that the maximum size for FAT32 is 2TB?? Was this 
selected at any stage as the filesystem type ? (and then upgraded to NTFS?)



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  Quick question. I just finished building two new 2003 servers running 
Microsoft Clustering services and presented two 2047 Gigabyte LUNS to each 
cluster node. However the OS is only seeing 1.99 Terabytes (Please see my 
screen capture). I specifically recall from my Microsoft NT 3.51 server class 
taught by Michael Van Dercreek at Technology Education Centers back in 1996 
using official MOC, that NTFS is a 64 bit file system ( 2 to the 64th power  = 
16 Exabytes ). 16 Exabyte's is the largest partition available on NT 3.51, 
however I do not seem to recall if this has been changed in 2003, since I have 
only taken a course on Active Directory 2003, Exchange 2003, SQL 2005 and ISA 


  So why I am only seeing 1.99 TB on a 2.47 TB LUN? Is any one else running a 
larger LUN size using NTFS? Any issues or corruption of the MFT that I should 
know about?


  My apologies in advance for the newbie question ( I really should know this 
answer ).


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