RE: NTBackup throughput

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Haven't done this in a while, but IIRC the theoretical limit of the software
was somewhere at 32GB/hour per store (same as 5.5).  So if you have more
than one store at a time, you should be able to attain far more throughput
(example, 4 SG's being backed up simultaneously ~ 32GB * 4 = 128GB/HR backup

Your numbers indicate about 9GB/hr.  That's low. 

I'm pulling from memory here, but as I recall, there are several factors
that can impact performance:
1) fragmentation: create multiple volumes for the backup target.  One for
each SG you plan to backup at a time.  Ex: if you have 3 SG's, create three
volumes to back these up.

2) disk speeds: both coming and going.  E.x. if you have a latency issues
getting information from disk or writing to disk, you'll see it here. Verify
that you don't have any bottlenecks in the disks (target and origination);
RAID configuration plays a part here as well.

3) server resources.  If the server is slow, then your backups will be as
well.  If you're backing up on the same server that is running Exchange,
that takes a bigger chunk.  If you're backing up during online maintenance,
that's a bad idea and you should change that.  If you're backing up during
the Index run or during AV background scan, then you should stop that.  If
you are backing up to a drive that is being AV scanned, that can consume
more resources.  Etc.

4) if isn't broke, don't fix it :)  I have to throw that in there because
you could be heading down a slippery slope with this.  If it works for you,
leave it alone. If you can't tolerate an all-night backup session, then you
should look into it.


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How many of us are using NTBackup for backing up the Exchange 2003
Information store in a Disk to Disk backup environment. What is the
throughput I can expect in this environment. My throughputs are not more
than 2.5MB/sec from disk to disk. All disks are SAN attached. I think this
is way below what I should get.


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