NT to W2K and Exchange Migration problem

  • From: "Rich Tibbets" <rtibbets@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 11:39:52 -0600

I have an issue I hope I can get some guidance on.

I currently have a new W2K Active Directory Domain have 5 NT Domains that
I am moving into a single New W2K Active Directory Domain.  The Migration
also includes Exchange 5.5 Servers and E2K servers in the same Org. The
E2K Servers are sitting in the W2K domain with the goal to migrate all the
users and public folders to the new E2K Box?s and then removing the 5.5
boxes all together.

After the W2K domain was setup the Exchange migration process started
first.  The ADC was run and disabled user accounts were created in the W2K
domain creating place holders for the Exchange Mailboxes.  Since I still
have 5.5 Exchange Boxes in use I can't switch to Native mode, which means
I can't use the ADMTv2 to migrate the users to the new domain.

While I can survive with out the Sid History of the User accounts I can't
lose the access to the Exchange mailboxes. I read the MS Articles on the
problems activating the Disabled accounts. As I move users to W2K I am
also Moving their mail boxes to E2K.

My Questions are:

1.      If I use the Disabled accounts with the intention of removing all
The 5.5 box's will I have any trouble.
2.      With the Requirements for migrating the 5.5 user accounts to E2K
what is the best approach to do this and tie them to a new W2K user
account I've been given the task of finishing this Migration an am stuck
with what I have an need to find a way to make this work?Any Help /
recommendations would be appreciated

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