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Can I accept all incoming mails meant for unresolved recipients ... not
just a copy of the NDR that is sent to the sender.. but the mail itself
that was sent to an un-resolved recipient. What option should i select
for that. 
Please note that we are using our ISP as a Smart Host to relay messages,
and accept all incoming messages. I was told by our ISP that I will have
to configure our exchange server to accept all incoming mails and to
forward the mails meant for un-resolved recipients to my account. What
option on the exchange will allow me to do that. There is an option on
the SMTP Virtual server that says forward all un-resolved mails to
host.... what should I insert in this field, My presumption is that it
firwards all un-resolved mails to another exchange server and i tried to
point it to the existing exchange server and it told me that there was a
looping issue, so I took it off, Is there some way to enable the
excahneg server to forward a copy of all un-resolved mails to my

Please help

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Your requirement is very unique. I have never come across any such tool.
opinion is, such a tool can prove to be a tool  to help malicious
users and even spamers to have a free hand in exploiting your
e-mail privacy.

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We have a concern in exchange 2000, This concern is mainly for us to
minimize the NDRs which we get. The problem is as below.


        "Does any exchange tool have an option of Auto Reply????... My
problem is, if some domain say for example xyz@xxxxxxxxxxx has sent a
to wepindia domain, say Thomas.Suresh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx This email ID is a
wrong email ID. Correct email ID is Thomas.Anand@xxxxxxxxxxxxx In such
can the Exchange Tool be configured for Auto Reply back to
saying "Sorry, this email ID does not exist in this organization, where
you can try the following:


1.      Thomas.Anand@xxxxxxxxxxxx


2.      Vinay.Thomas@xxxxxxxxxxxx


3.      .....etc"


This 1, 2, 3... should be automatically picked up from GAL pertaining to
word "Thomas".



Awaiting for your earliest reply...




Satish Babu K

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