RE: NDR SPAM - can you block by 'To:' address?

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I put a rule in POSTMASTER Inbox to move subjects with "Notification:
Inbound" and "Notification: Outbound" to Deleted Items. Then while consuming
a lunch of twinkies and Coke, I peruse Deleted Items, adding the SPAM
sources to Filtered sites. Each day I have over 2000 messages of this type.
We also retained old mailboxes for a time with an out-of-office message to
notify legitimate correspondents that the employee is no longer with us.
Problem is, that stuff originating from SPAM sites fills the Outbound
messages queue whether we delete the mailbox or not. 
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Subject: [exchangelist] NDR SPAM - can you block by 'To:' address? - Re-Vamped!
We are getting an awful lot of SPAM for users who no longer have mailboxes.
These messages always end up going to the 'Postmater' as an NDR message.
I've tried blocking (filtering) by the sender, but as these always change I
still get tons of NDR SPAM messages. I'm wondering if there is any way to
filter or block by the 'To:' address - since these people no longer work
here, I would like to block anything sent to these people specifically. That
would clear up about 98% of the SPAM I get.... I'm working with Exchange 2k,
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Ryan Tetzlaff 
Systems Analyst I 
Open Systems International, Inc. 
E-mail: rtetzlaff@xxxxxxxx 
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