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Address lists can be secured. This can be accomplished using Exchange
system manager by configuring the Open address list permission on
Security page of the address list you need to secure.  You can specify
the permission for each address list individually, or for all address
lists in the container by applying permissions on the All Global Address
Lists or All Address Lists containers.

*This is just an FYI on global address lists. I've found it handy when
managing multiple GAL's.
The following list outlines the order in which an address list displays
in a user's address book.
1. Global address list to which the user has access
2. Global address list of which the user is a member
3. Global address list that is largest

To hide an address list, create an empty address list that acts as a
container for other address lists which in turn will contain recipients.
Then deny the user the Open Address List permission on a container
address list, the user will not be able to view its contents.

As far as assigning list views to the mailboxes, I'm not sure. You can
limit the address list membership based on storage location by:
Mailboxes on any server, Mailboxes on this server, or mailboxes in this
mailbox store. But I'm not sure that's what your looking for.

Hope this helps.

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I am setting up a single exchange server that will serve multiple
companies, and want to be able to block the global address list from
being seen, and whether I can create address book views, and assign
these views to the mailboxes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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