[ExchangeList] Re: Multiple mail receipt problem on Exchange Server 2003

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  • Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 16:46:21 -0400

It's not an Exchange Server issue. It's probably their incoming email server
throttling your incoming email.


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Hi all,


I am running Exchange Server 2007 64-bit with a Barracuda device as the SMTP
server. I have a situation whereby one of my clients (running Exchange 2003)
is not able to receive more than 5 messages of the same email (same source
and subject). We are a Meetings Management company and we send out email
blasts (anywhere from 100 - 200) to our clients. This particular client does
not receive more than 5 of these messages at anyone time. If I send them to
a hotmail account, it works fine. I have all the settings I know of in
Exchange 2003 and nothing seems out of the ordinary.


Any ideas what settings on destination server (Exchange 2003) or its virtual
SMTP server that would cause this problem?


Thanks in advance!



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